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Gemsbok in Namibia

Namibia safari hunting is simpler than South Africa, but luxurious nonetheless. And don’t forget that uniquely Namibian hospitality. You will discover that Namibia is not only beautiful with a pleasant climate, it is the easiest, stable, safe and clean hunter friendly country in Africa. The airport offers simple in and out for your rifles and the excellent roads makes it an easy country to travel, making a Namibia hunting safari a good choice.


It’s primarily an agricultural country, with roughly 80% of the population dependent on subsistence farming for a least a part of their living. For some of these farmers, wildlife does pose a constant threat.  Elephants raid crops, and predators such as hyenas, lions and even wild dogs will go after livestock. Wildlife though is seen as an asset in this country.  Hunters pay to hunt, and with the advent of the conservancy system, the money from hunters goes to conservancies, which compensates farmers for their losses.  Farmers see the balance of healthy game management through hunting, and reduced human/animal conflicts.

The Wildlife of Namibia

The wildlife population was around 2,000,000 in the early 1900’s, but with no regulations or quotas, no value on animals, and lack of funding, the population of wildlife plummeted to under 500,000 animals by the 1960’s.  With hard work, strict quotas, and using hunting as a conservation tool, the wildlife population today stands around 3,000,000, proving that controlled, legal hunting is the best method to not only sustain, but also increase, animal numbers.  Revenue from hunting also goes to fund anti-poaching efforts, as another way to protect wildlife.

  • Safe, stable country.
  • A Namibia hunting safari can be less expensive than a Safari in South Africa. Due mostly to simpler lodging.
  • Safaris are custom made to fit your personal goals for your Africa Safari!
  • More low fence, free range hunting than is found in South Africa.

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