• The United States, as well as some other countries, require a CITES permit for the importation of a leopard hunting trophy. This permit needs to be applied for before the leopard hunt takes place.
  • Namibia leopard hunting may not take place during the period between 30 minutes after sunset in any day and 30 minutes before sunrise the following day.
  • Artificial light is prohibited.
  • Mature males only.
  • Namibia does not allow bowhunting leopard as dangerous game species cannot be hunted in Namibia by bow.
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Namibia, located in southwestern Africa, is known for its diverse wildlife, including a significant leopard population. With one of Africa’s healthiest leopard populations, Namibia leopard hunting can be truly outstanding. The country’s vast and varied landscapes provide the perfect habitat for these elusive and majestic creatures.

Your Namibia Leopard Hunting Experience

Best time of year to hunt leopards in Namibia

Leopards are present and can be hunted throughout the hunting season. However, Namibia leopard hunting is really good April through to August, with your best time being end April to end May.


Baiting is a traditional way of hunting, and is essential to a successful leopard hunt. Your PH will begin baiting months before your arrival in order to stimulate the leopard activity and increase your chances. By the time you arrive for your leopard hunt, there should be good leopard activity on the baits.

Your Hunt

As soon as the leopard starts feeding on the bait, a blind is set up from where the hunter waits. Blind location is determined by terrain and wind direction. The approach to the blind is also very important. When an ideal location is selected, the blind is built, with a steady dead rest and clear path to the bait. Normal shooting distance is 60-100 yards.

For many hunters, a large male leopard is the trophy of a lifetime. Leopards are incredibly intelligent cats, and can be very difficult to hunt if you don’t pay attention to small details along the way. Along with being largely nocturnal, leopards also possess extremely good hearing and an excellent sense of smell. As a result, hunters must be willing to sit completely still and in complete silence for hours on end while in the blind, as the slightest movement may scare away a leopard approaching the bait. Our Namibia clients also enjoy combining their leopard hunt with plains game hunting, which is not always possible with other hunting outfitters.

Leopard Hunting

Understanding the Namibian Leopard Population

Namibia boasts a thriving leopard population, thanks to the country’s proactive conservation measures. The estimation of leopard numbers in Namibia is challenging due to the secretive nature of these animals, but surveys suggest a healthy population. The Namibian government and conservation organizations work diligently to monitor and protect these apex predators to ensure their long-term survival.

Namibia Leopard Hunting Regulations and Conservation Efforts

Namibia has established well-regulated hunting practices that prioritize sustainability and conservation. Strict quotas are set to maintain a balanced ecosystem and prevent overhunting. Hunting permits are granted through a carefully managed process, and licensed professional hunters guide the hunting expeditions, ensuring compliance with ethical standards and conservation laws.

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