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From all of us here at Outdoor International we are very excited to hear about all of your upcoming adventures! Your overall success and experience is extremely important to us. We understand that a guided hunt is a trip of a lifetime for most, however after this year we’re confident you’ll be ready to talk about future hunts!

As most of you know, some hunts can be tough. It’s very possible to hunt multiple species over the course of your time on any given hunt. Over the years we have noticed a trend among clients and felt it needed to be addressed.

This scenario happens every year:

You arrive at camp extremely excited, fired up and ready to hunt. You’ve purchased all the right gear (so you think), only to find after a few days your feet and boots failed you miserably. In some cases it’s been very severe, clients were unable to push the extra miles needed to harvest their targeted species. Other clients were successful on the first species but were unable to pursue their second, and some unfortunately stuck in camp with blistered battered feet for the remainder of the trip. This is just unnecessary.

We spent the last year testing, and have found a solution. The Company is Lathrop and Sons Custom hunting boots System. L&S doesn’t just sell boots they fit boots. Believe us, there is a huge difference compared to picking out boots at the local sporting good store, as you will see.

We believe so strongly in the system that we have reserved a L&S 3D mapping Kit to start the process. Be sure and give us a call or shoot me an email and I will personally have one of the owners at Lathrop and Sons contact you to explain details about their products and services.

The owners of L&S bring to you a wealth of knowledge in the foot and footwear arena. They are hunters themselves, and use their experience in the field. They will guide you to the best possible boot solution for your adventure! If you’d like to cut to the chase, call Stephen’s direct line at 618-544- 8782. Just tell him Outdoors International sent you!

We’d love to hear about your consultation, and will look forward to your testimonials in the future. I know we wish we wouldn’t have waited so long to take care of our feet.

by Russ Meyer

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