Giant Black Bears

Giant black bears

When it comes to bears, I believe black bears are the most under-appreciated of all bear species. Maybe it’s because of their size, or because they are so plentiful, or maybe ignorance of how big they can get.

Giant Black Bears

The largest black bear ever recorded was a male shot in New Brunswick in the 1970’s  coming in at a whopping 902 pounds dressed. Live weight was probably about 1,100 pounds. He also measured 7 feet, 9 inches long. (Most hunters consider anything that squares over six feet big.) But the truth is, it’s not very often that you get the opportunity to take a big black bear. I mean, a REALLY BIG black bear.

To become a giant black bears need high protein diets, good genetics and maturity.

Luckily, we have a few black bear hunts that offer a good chance at giant black bears. To fit the bill, an area needs to be remote with an abundance of food and good cover. That’s what’s needed to produce big bruisers.

Our Alberta and Saskatchewan bear hunts each have great bear density and a lot of opportunities to fill your tag with a toad of a boar. Both areas have an almost completely un-hunted population of bears due to remoteness. If you have never hunted black bears before, this is your big chance to hunt giant black bears!

If you like the sound of a remote, spring black bear hunt in an area that produces some of the biggest black bears in North America, then grab your rifle or your bow and lets get on some unhunted, old age class, giant black bears! What are you waiting for?

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