Field Judging Brown Bears

Field Judging a Brown Bear

When booking their brown bear hunt, every hunter envisions taking a monster boar. But that’s not as easy as you think. First, you have to hunt where big bears live. Second, it is notoriously difficult to determine the size of a bear, especially from a distance. You HAVE TO LEARN the ins and outs of field judging brown bears!

Field Judging Brown Bears

  • A big bear will look long with short legs. A round bear is a small bear. A long-legged bear is a small bear.
  • Big boars will look like they have small heads in proportion to the size of their bodies.
  • Ears will be on the sides of the head and appear small.
  • Body language is a dead giveaway. A mature boar will have a slow, deliberate swagger. Everything is calm and understated.
  • When a big brown bear faces you, there should be lots of shoulder protruding out from both sides of his head.
  • Trophy sized boars don’t have wrists. Their forearm is muscular and runs straight down to the toes.
  • On Kodiak Island, guides look at color. Generally speaking, the darker the bear the older it is. A “black” bear will always warrant a closer look.
  • One suggestion that we have is don’t overlook a “good” bear with a gorgeous coat.

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