Polar bears are on the bucket list for many hunters around the world, yet they’ve been abused by the media as a symbol for global warming and climate change for years. The special interest, agenda-pushing media would have you believe that there are only a few hundred polar bears left and that they are on the verge of extinction, but that is not true. The world’s polar bear population is the greatest it has ever been in all of recorded history. They’ve gone from an estimated 22,000 in 2005 to over 30,000 as of 2017. Sorry, Mr. Gore, it looks like you were wrong about, well, everything. It’s a great time to go polar bear hunting.

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Several groups like to use “global warming” and “climate change” to get funding for research. Remember a movie that came out in 2006 by that guy who almost became president? He predicted a major decline in polar bear populations because of global warming. Or how about the National Geographic issue showing that emaciated polar bear claiming its condition was due to lack of sea ice. Let’s discuss the inconvenient truth about polar bears. Did you see what I did there?

Old ice doesn’t have seals, and polar bears would die without seals.

Summer sea ice volume has absolutely nothing to do with polar bear populations. Between the months of March and May, polar bears gain 80% of their weight by eating baby seals. Harp seals are the first to calve, followed by ring seals and then bearded seals. Seals only calve on one year old ice, not thick ice. Old ice doesn’t have seals, and polar bears would die without seals. They also die from old age, tooth decay, cancer and infection from wounds caused by competition for food. One of these was most likely the cause of the condition of the bear in National Geographic.

The Inconvenient Truth is that Climate Change is Nothing New

Climate change has always been a part of the history of this planet. There have actually been at least five ice ages in the history of the Earth. London’s Thames River froze over in a mini ice age as recently as the 1400’s. The Sahara desert goes through a 20,000 year cycle of wet and dry cycles. 14,500 years ago, there was ice as much as a mile thick as far south as Chicago.

Scientists believe that the sun is the cause of our current global warming cycle . When the Earth has been the coolest there have been massive sunspots.. Fewer sunspots generate warmer weather. There are things far beyond our control that decide what happens to the polar bears, such as volcanic eruptions, meteor impacts, continental drift, earthquakes, rising sea levels, and the inroads of man.

Thank Your Lucky Stars for Global Warming and Climate Change

Neither we nor the bears would be here if a meteor hadn’t hit the Yucatan, killing off the dinosaurs…. inconvenient truth. The singular event of the eruption of Mount St. Helens changed the temperature of the Earth for two years. If we were to set off every single atomic bomb around the World at the same time, it wouldn’t have the same effect. Pangea, the ancient supercontinent drifted into all the different land masses we know today. The Earth is greener today than it’s ever been.

The Rockies were formed 50-80 million years ago by plates shifting beneath North America. Erosion from melting ice and continuous tectonic activity gave birth to the Colorado River, which carved the Grand Canyon out of comparatively soft rock over millions of years.

My point is, if you want to hunt polar bears, do it. The money spent helps with conservation and preservation of the species. Polar bear hunting is highly regulated and their population continues to grow. The misinformed will always criticize. As for me, I can’t wait to go hunt polar bears!

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