Fallow Deer Hunting in Spain

This regal, spotted deer makes a spectacularly beautiful trophy, and hunting fallow deer in Spain gives you the chance for an  outstanding animal. They live in the wide-open spaces of the Spanish “Sierras”. The fallow deer in Spain sheds its horns in April and they start growing new ones right away, reaching full size by July.

As the fallow deer in Spain is an introduced species it is found all over the Iberian territory mostly on high fenced areas, but also in some parks and free range areas, although in much lower density.

Things to know about fallow deer hunting in Spain:

  • Extremely good trophy quality.
  • Near 100% success rates.
  • Makes a great add-on to a family vacation.
  • Hunts are custom to suit your needs. The hunting methods used for the fallow deer can be either stalking or the traditional Spanish driven hunt: “montería”.
  • Amazing lodging is the norm.
  • Fallow deer hunts in Spain take place September through February. For the best trophies, fallow deer should be hunted soon after the velvet is stripped, since tines are often broken off in fighting during the rut.
  • The rut is an exciting time to hunt fallow deer in Europe, and takes place in October.
  • Fallow deer are medium sized deer so rifle calibers of .243 and above are suitable for shooting fallow deer.
  • It is very likely to have several chances to shoot every day. Last year our hunters went 100% on over 100 fallow deer hunts!

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