• Hunting season in Spain is September through February.
  • Fallow deer hunts during the rut in October are available. The rut is an exciting time to hunt fallow deer in Spain, and takes place in October. The males bellow, grunt and do a good deal of fighting as they gather harems. You should have multiple shot opportunities daily!
  • Free range hunts.
  • Excellent trophy quality, and success rates are 100% most years.
  • This is a spot and stalk hunt. You will be guided either by the outfitter himself, or one of his three sons.
  • Top notch accommodations.
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This exceptional fallow deer hunt in Spain is for trophy fallow stags in top quality, pre-scouted areas. It is very likely to have several chances to shoot every day. Last year they went 100% on over 100 fallow deer hunts!

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