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Cure the Winter Blues with a Spring Turkey Hunt

If you’re anything like me, the time between hunting seasons are always long and full of not only memories from the seasons past but also full of anticipation for the next season upcoming. I can hardly wait till the next time to get in the outdoors and pit myself against the weather, the animals, my memories and my expectations. Like most of us in the hunting world, I have many memories to recall. Some of those are about mistakes I’ve made, that I don’t want to have happen again and others are the successes. I want to analyze each of them to learn from them, to help myself learn even more.

Every chance I have to go out and learn something new about myself or the animals that I love, the more knowledge I have to apply to the situation at hand, in the moment, the once in a lifetime chance to make it count. Are you the same?

Spring Turkey Hunts

As I sit here writing this right now, I’m focusing on spring turkey hunting (and spring black bear). Ah, the thrill of hearing that gobbler sounding off through the trees, trying to make his presence known, fires me up so much. Why?? It is a challenge, an experience, a chance to learn, a chance to succeed, a chance to fail. How can you ask for more? I hear all the time that “chasing turkeys, what a waste of time”, or “I don’t have time for that!!! Turkeys are stupid, they aren’t exciting to hunt, and it’s nothing like chasing other animals.” Really? I think that is mostly from people whom, have never gone spring turkey hunting, don’t want be outsmarted by an animal with a brain the size of a pea, or those who don’t like to learn from failure and success.

If you can sit there and tell me that a big gobbler coming in full strut, proudly displaying his full fan, drumming, spitting and trying to be Billy Badass, isn’t exciting? Maybe you should check your vitals. What a chance to learn what to do, or what not do. When you have that turkey coming in showing its dominance, Breathe, look at them, don’t look at them, don’t move, move, did he just see me?!… “crap” I gotta draw my bow, “oh no” he came in from a different direction, my shotgun is pointed the wrong way. All those thought are rushing through our minds at the same time.

What a thrill, what excitement, how do you handle it? It will make you a better hunter, whether you harvest that animal or not, I guarantee it. Next time that buck is there smelling the wind, or that elk is roaring his head off or maybe that bear looks like he is staring right through you. The more you’re in the moment, the more you learn to handle it and the thrill is better than anything out there! Check out this Kansas turkey hunt, where you can hunt Rio Grande and also Eastern turkeys, then jump over to Nebraska to hunt Merriam’s.

Looking to start the year off with some excitement. Get in touch with us, let’s set you up an awesome turkey hunt. Let’s get you ready for when that hunt of a lifetime happens and the moment calls for every nerve in your body to respond correctly. Are you ready?

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