By 1915, there were no wild turkeys remaining in Nebraska, but thanks to reintroduction offers in the 50’s, there are a ton of birds now. If you’re looking for Merriam’s turkey hunts Nebraska needs to be considered, because it has some of the best turkey hunting in the entire nation. And it continues to just get better and better. The Merriams turkey population has exploded, and birds can be found in every county in the state.

Turkey Hunts in Nebraska

  • If you’re working on completing your Grand Slam Turkey Hunt, our Nebraska hunt is a great place to bag a Merriam’s. They are plentiful across the state.
  • Nebraska has over-the-counter turkey tags.
  • Long hunting seasons beginning in mid-April and going until the end of May.
  • Three bird limit.
  • Great place for youth hunters. Youth permits are under $10!

Turkey Hunts offered by Outdoors International

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