Spanish Ibex Grand Slam

The Spanish Ibex Grand Slam

The Spanish Ibex Grand Slam Take all four subspecies of ibex that our found in Spain in one hunt. The achievement of the Spanish Ibex Grand Slam holds global acclaim as a coveted prize among mountain hunters around the world. It presents an unparalleled opportunity to gather all four distinct subspecies of Spanish Ibex in […]

Austin's Greenland muskox

When To Go Muskox Hunting

Muskox hunting seasons typically start in August and go through October. Greenland and Canada also offer a “spring” season as well. If you ask most hunters when to go muskox hunting, they’ll tell you to go in September. By then the hordes of mosquitoes are gone, but the Arctic winter has not yet set in. […]

Live muskox bull

Subspecies of Musk Ox

There are two commonly recognized subspecies of musk ox: Barren Ground Ovibos moschatus moschatus, and Greenland O. moschatus wardi (also referred to as ‘white face’ musk ox). Today, Musk ox can be found in the arctic tundra regions of North America and Greenland. This survivor of the last Ice Age is a unique animal, and […]

Greenland Muskox Hunt Report by George Cherry

Greenland Muskox Hunt Report by George Cherry

Hunter: George Cherry Date: 3/8/2022 – 3/13/2022 Trip Taken: Muskox Hunt Consultant: Outdoors International Camp was comfortable. Our guide was exceptional. Food was good, plenty of game, unique experience. Hunt Report How would you rate your trip overall? Great I enjoyed the company of the outfitter and staff, and our guide was exceptional. I think […]

Austin's Greenland muskox

Greenland Muskox Hunt Report by Austin Legg

Hunter: Austin Legg Date: March 6-15, 2022 Trip Taken: Greenland Winter Muskox Consultant: Russ Meyer | Outdoors International I booked a last minute cancellation muskox hunt in Greenland. We had about three weeks to buy flights and prepare for this hunt. Getting to Greenland is no easy task. You have to book flights to get […]

Keith Fitzhenry with his Greenland Muskox

Greenland Muskox Hunt Report by Keith Fitzhenry

Hunter: Keith Fitzhenry Date: March 6-15, 2022 Trip Taken: Musk Ox Hunting in Greenland Consultant: Russ Meyer | Outdoors International We had a great muskox hunt. The outfitter was a great guide and host. They knew the area, and where to find the Musk Ox. We shot three Muskox the first day and two the […]

A bushpig is needed to complete the ham slam.

The Swine Slam: Hunting the Pigs and Peccaries of the World

Hog hunting has become very popular in the United States as their populations are out of control, especially in places like Texas, the Southern United States and Hawaii. We even have some heli-hog hunts for those of you with an adventurous nature…But the wild pigs and peccaries of the world are much more fascinating.

Brown bear

Brown Bear Subspecies

There are currently eight different brown bear subspecies that are recognized by Safari Club International. The bears of the world can be found in the most remote parts of North America, Eastern Europe, Asia and Russia. They are one of the most interesting, powerful, awe inspiring animals on earth. Brown Bear Subspecies in Europe and Asia […]