Texas Javelina

Texas Javelina hunting

Texas javelina hunting is incredibly fun. We can just about guarantee (but not quite) that you WILL get some shooting in. This is a high success hunt, that anyone can do. Javelina look somewhat similar to feral hogs; however, they are not pigs at all. They belong to their own family called Tayassuidae, which translates to “New World Pigs.” These weird little “skunk pigs” can be found in the more arid or semi-arid parts of the state including South Texas, West Texas and Central Texas.

In Texas Javelina, also known as the Collared Peccary, are classified as a game animal.

Russ Meyer, co-owner of OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL with a big archery South Texas Javelina.
Russ Meyer, co-owner of OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL with a big archery South Texas Javelina.
  • Hunt with any weapon.
  • Two animal limit.
  • No tag is required.
  • Great for archery hunters. Get multiple stalks every day.

How to Hunt Javelina in Texas

Typically, Texas javelina hunting is done much the same way as whitetail deer, which is out of a blind overlooking several Sendero’s (cleared roadways) in the brush.

However, if you want to really have some fun (especially with a bow), your outfitter will “corn the road,” and drive around until a herd of pigs come out to feed, and then spot and stalk them. You’ll sneak in the cover along the side of the road to get into bow range. This style of hunting is a lot more challenging, but also a lot more fun.

Texas Javelina Hunting Season

There isn’t a set season for javelina, but the best time to go is mid-January through March. This is after the outfitter has been feeding the deer for several months, and it’s not yet too hot to hunt comfortably.

Our outfitter only hunts in April. This is a great hunt for a group of friends looking to extend their hunting season.

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