CAPRA World Slam – Goats of the World

Capra World Slam

The Capra goats live in some of the steepest, most difficult and dangerous mountain habitat on the face of the earth. Completing a Capra World Slam is probably the single most physically difficult accomplishment in the mountain hunting world.

CAPRA World Slam

Grand Slam Club/Ovis has defined well over 30 different trophy categories for the world’s wild mountain CAPRA species.

An individual is designated as having achieved the Capra World Slam when he or she has successfully taken and documented with GSCO at least 12 different species or subspecies from the below-mentioned recognized trophy categories.

  • American Mountain Goat
  • Chamois Pyrenean; Cantabrian; Alpine; New Zealand; Carpathian; Balkan; Caucasian; Anatolian
  • Tahr Himalayan; Himalayan / New Zealand Tahr
  • Ibex Bezoar; Kri-Kri; Persian Desert; Sindh; Gredos; Beceite; Southeastern Spanish; Ronda; Alpine; Nubian; Mid-Asian; Himalayan; Altay; Gobi
  • Tur – Kuban (Western); Dagestan (Eastern); Mid-Caucasian Tur
  • Markhor Bukharan Markhor; Astor Markhor; Kashmir Markhor; Kabul Markhor; Sulaiman Markhor
  • Goral
  • Serow
  • Goats Chiltan Wild Goat; Hybrid Goat*; Feral Goat**

*Doesn’t count for Capra World Slam 12, but may be counted for the Super 20 & Super 30.

**Doesn’t count for the Capra World Slam 12 or Super 20, but may be counted for the Super 30.

Let us know when you’re ready to take on the CAPRA World Slam.

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