This Alaska spring bear hunt is basically for grizzly or brown bear, but you’ll be hunting different areas based on which species you wish to pursue.

  • Alaska spring bear hunt is April and May.
  • Spend days alongside dedicated guides pursuing black bears by boat and ATV.
  • A second bear can be taken on a trophy fee.
  • Success rate over the years stands at about 90%.
  • Extremely high trophy quality. Our hunters consistently take grizzlies with hides that will square 8′ with skulls between 23″ and 26″. The SCI World Record Grizzly Bear was taken on this hunt.
  • If you’re a bowhunter, this is an archery friendly outfitter who is a bowhunter himself.
  • You can also choose a Fall grizzly hunt that can be a moose combo.
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This is an exceptional Alaska spring bear hunt.

Alaska’s grizzly bear populations are at all time high in Alaska’s Game Management 19, and hunter success for past five years has been 90% with average hide squaring over 8 feet. Alaska interior grizzly hunting can produce bears that go 9 feet and, but can get up to 10 feet. The majority of bear qualify for SCI, and many Boone and Crockett grizzlies as well. They are right on the imaginary border between brown bears and grizzlies, and the bears in this unit are classified as “grizzly bears” by SCI, and B&C considers a good portion of them grizzlies as well. They are just slightly smaller than the brown bears that inhabit the coastal areas of Alaska.

The SCI All Time World Record grizzly was taken in 2013, and since then record bears were taken in 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

This grizzly hunt is in a very remote area of Alaska, and a great option for hunters wanting to hunt interior grizzlies. In some areas you may need to be flown to a certain camp but expect to do lots of walking. You can expect to rise early and glass from camp, eat a hot breakfast, and then hike to a “lookout” where they will glass. Once a good bear is spotted, a stalk is made to within 50 to 150 yards. Hunts take place in rolling hills (alpine) areas with elevations between 500′ and 2,000′. Although not difficult, hunters should be comfortable with hiking two to five miles a day in hilly country.

You’ll be staying out in the field in spike camps.

When you arrive, you’ll start your Alaska in a very nice, remote, base lodge. Hunts will be out in tent-based spike camps, and once you’re done hunting you’ll fly back to the lodge.


Contrary to the typical Alaska hunt, our hunters are given a fair amount of latitude with food. It’s not just Mountain House every night. You’ll be eating fresh eggs, vegetables, fruit, frozen pork, bacon, poultry, beef, salmon, moose/caribou, hot and cold cereal, chips, cheeses, candy bars, energy bars, freeze dried meals soups and stews.


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