Spot and Stalk Mountain Lion Hunting

This outfitter has surprisingly high success rates considering how he is hunting lions. Plus, you can combo with wolves.

Spot and stalk hunting a mountain lion is a low odds endeavor, but our outfitter gets it done! He hunts the elk winter range and spends a lot of time glassing for kills. Once a kill is found you’ll sit for long hours behind the glass trying to pick the cougar out of the landscape. This is a different twist on what most people consider ONLY a hound hunt. If you aren’t having luck glassing up a tom, there is always the option to call the houndsman.

One great thing about this hunt is that while you are glassing, your odds of seeing a wolf are quite high. Be warned though, seeing a wolf and shooting one are two very different things!

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Mountain Lion


Archery, Muzzleloader, Rifle


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