Roe Deer Hunting Hungary

Hungary Roe Deer Hunt

Hunting in Hungary is world-famous. The challenge is not to shoot a smaller roe buck too early. Just be patient, and you will find a big one. It is more like hunting rabbits more than hunting deer. So much fun!  Hunting is mostly done in the plains and farms which consist of farmland with high grass, sunflowers, corn, and orchards. There are lots of ditches and field edges.

Hungary should be on your radar for roe deer hunting!

  • Hungary is arguably the best roe deer hunting in the world.
  • Well known for producing the biggest bucks.
  • Hunting season is from mid-April through September
  • Spot and stalk hunting.
  • You can archery hunt in Hungary.
  • Combo with red stag, mouflon sheepfallow deerwild boar, driven pheasants and/or fishing.
  • At a certain point, roe deer begin to either get larger and go non-typical, or the antlers can go downhill and start to get smaller. Hunters in Europe pride themselves on harvesting mature bucks that have character. Same as a whitetail, there are typical and non-typical scales for measuring the antlers.

Bowhunting roe deer is amazingly fun.

If you’re a bowhunter, we recommend you take your bow with you! The sheer number of roe deer in the area lends itself to one exciting day of bowhunting. It is literally one deer after another. Roe deer respond positively to calling during the rut, which takes place between July and August. The ability to spot, call and maneuver on a buck for the shot is a ton of fun.

Hunter’s need to be forewarned and prepared for the ground shrinkage associated with hunting the roe deer. The first time you walk up on your harvest you will probably be under-impressed with the size of the deer itself, just as coues deer. After a day or so of hunting this game though, you start to realize how awesome they are to hunt.


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