Ontario Wolf Hunting

  • This highly experienced team will do their absolute best to help you find the wolf of your dreams! With 30 years of experience and scouting they know how to hunt wolves.
  • Wolf hunting season in Ontario, Canada is from December to March.
  • This is a Driven Hunt. You’ll Ambush the Wolves.
  • Since you will be sitting on a stand being in excellent physical shape is not a necessity.
  • MUCH higher success rates than wolf hunts in other places.
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Our Ontario wolf hunting outfitter is on top of the game! With 30 years of experience and scouting they know how to hunt wolves. This wolf hunt begins when a pack is located. Once an active pack is located the outfitter tells the hunters to suit up. The hunters are then taken to a prime shooting location by snowmobile and sled. The outfitter and guides will drive the wolves through the timber pushing the wolves in the hunters direction. This highly experienced team will do their absolute best to help you find the wolf of your dreams! Waiting for one of Canada’s toughest predators is an experience you will not forget!

This is a high success, driven wolf hunt.

A typical day will begin with guides checking known wolf hangouts.  Once an active pack is located, The outfitter will put the guides on notice to “suit ’em up” which is you the hunter. Guides will quickly place hunters at strategic shooting locations via snowmobile and sled.

Once hunters are in position on their stands, a guide is named tracker and the hunt drive begins.

The tracker will track the pack in on snowshoes, and the chase is on. This is when the action begins!  The wolves may try to elude the tracker, eventually get frustrated and break towards the hunters. In all order of respect, this is nothing less than a para-military experience consisting of the hunt master and his team vs the alpha wolf and his pack. The anticipation of being on stand and waiting for Canada’s most elusive of predators to appear before you is an experience you will not soon forget. Dress warm. The sit may be long.

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