When To Go Muskox Hunting

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Muskox hunting seasons typically start in August and go through October. Greenland and Canada also offer a “spring” season as well. If you ask most hunters when to go muskox hunting, they’ll tell you to go in September. By then the hordes of mosquitoes are gone, but the Arctic winter has not yet set in. If you’re wondering where to go, you need to understand where muskox live and also determine which species you’d like to hunt.

When To Go Muskox Hunting

Spring Muskox Hunts

If you want to experience the traditional Inuit culture in the Arctic, you need to do a spring hunt.

  • The conditions will be extreme…extremely cold. Having the right gear is critical.
  • You’ll be hunting either by dogsled or with snow machines.
  • The muskox will be herded up and once you find a herd, this hunt isn’t that difficult because they circle up with the young in the middle to fend off predators.
  • A spring muskox hunt is all about the adventure.

Summer Muskox Hunts

If braving an Arctic winter isn’t for you, maybe a late summer hunt is more up your alley.

  • What makes summer hunts awesome (other than the weather) is that the rut will be in full swing, peaking in mid-August. The bulls will be butting heads in competition for breeding cows. It’s quite a spectacle to behold!
  • This is a fun spot and stalk style that is perfect for bowhunters.
  • Hunters tend to worry that the hides will not be prime this time of year, but muskox keep their dense fur even through the summer months.

Fall Muskox Hunts

The fall muskox hunts are much like the spring hunts, but the weather isn’t quite as extreme.

  • You’ll be hunting via snow machines or ATV’s pulling an Inuit sled (Komatik), covering lots of ground looking for mature bulls.
  • One great thing about fall hunts is you can combo them with an Arctic Island caribou if you’re hunting in Canada, or a reindeer if you’re hunting in Greenland.

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