Austin's Greenland muskox

When To Go Muskox Hunting

Muskox hunting seasons typically start in August and go through October. Greenland and Canada also offer a “spring” season as well. If you ask most hunters when to go muskox hunting, they’ll tell you to go in September. By then the hordes of mosquitoes are gone, but the Arctic winter has not yet set in. […]

Live muskox bull

Subspecies of Musk Ox

There are two commonly recognized subspecies of musk ox: Barren Ground Ovibos moschatus moschatus, and Greenland O. moschatus wardi (also referred to as ‘white face’ musk ox). Today, Musk ox can be found in the arctic tundra regions of North America and Greenland. This survivor of the last Ice Age is a unique animal, and […]

Kyle Hanson with his archery Barren Ground Muskox

Spring Barren Ground Muskox Hunt Report by Kyle Hanson

Hunter: Kyle Hanson Date: March 29-April 7th Trip Taken: Spring Barren Ground Muskox Hunt Nunavut Territories Barren Ground Muskox Hunt This spring I was fortunate to go to Nunavut Territories with my bow in hopes of taking a Barren Ground Muskox. “Umingmak”, or “The Bearded One”, has been on my bucket list since I began […]

Gary Colbath with his archery polar bear

Archery Polar Bear Hunt Report by Gary Colbath

Hunter: Gary Colbath Date: March 20-April 2, 2022 Trip Taken: Archery Polar Bear Hunt I just returned from the pinnacle trip of my hunting career. My adventure in the Arctic for polar bear was an extraordinary experience. As a hunting consultant I have access to the best outfitters in the world and the outfitter I […]

Live Muskox Bulls huddled in a defensive posture.

Where Does the Muskox Live

We get asked all the time “where does the muskox live?.” Well, there’s a simple and a more complicated answer to that. In general, muskox live in the arctic tundra regions of North America and Greenland. By the 1920s, muskox had disappeared from Europe, Asia, and Alaska. The only remaining muskox were in Greenland and […]