Russ with a great wyoming bull

Outdoors International Podcast: Archery Elk Hunting

Recently, Russ Meyer was interviewed on the Hunt Backcountry Podcast. Steve Speck from EXO Mountain Gear calls him “the most successful hunter I know.” In this podcast they asked Russ how he has so been so consistently successful in his 30 years of bowhunting for elk…did you know that Russ shot the World Record archery jackrabbit? There are some gems in this one folks. Russ, owner of Outdoors International is a wealth of hunting information.

Some cool quotes from the episode:

“Age class bull elk bugle more and later in the day. I hunt a lot past 10AM.”

“When I’m elk hunting, I shut up and sneak in on them once they bed. Especially a little bit later in the season. After the second week. Because it is tough to pull those bulls away from cows.”

“Know the country that you are hunting. It is about time spent in that area.”

“Sometimes I’ll sit down for an hour, and all of the sudden you’ll hear a small growl. Those herd bulls just like to talk. There is no reason for that elk to leave. He’s there and he’s going to stay there. I’m going to sneak in close, just outside of his kitchen and wait for him to talk again.”

“You need to go into the woods with a positive attitude and a sense of adventure. A dead animal at the end of the hunt is a bonus.”

“The only way to learn how to kill something with a bow, is to kill something with a bow.”

“It all comes down to time, working hard and experience. Capitalize on opportunity.”

“Don’t make excuses. Be honest with yourself and get better.”

“It comes down to personality, tenacity and time.”

“The guys that can capitalize on opportunity are guys who can control their emotion.”

If you liked this podcast, listen to this one where Russ talks about spring bear hunting.

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