Mountain Reedbuck Hunts

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Mountain Reedbuck Hunts

Mountain Reedbuck Hunts

The diminutive Reedbuck species, named for its reddish-brown hue, can be found in isolated pockets within suitable mountainous habitats. These creatures are often observed grazing or resting amidst the rocky slopes of the mountains, skillfully utilizing their camouflage to blend harmoniously with their surroundings. In the open grasslands of South Africa's Eastern Cape territories, where they are abundant, these animals congregate in herds comprising approximately 25 to 30 individuals. In the more wooded areas of the Limpopo region in South Africa, they form smaller family units. The pursuit of these animals is possible throughout South Africa; however, the Western Mountain Reedbuck subspecies in Cameroon may no longer be subject to hunting.

How much does a mountain reedbuck hunt cost?

Trophy fees for hunting these creatures exhibit substantial variation across different territories, contingent upon their level of abundance. As a species that is commonly found in specific regions, Mountain Reedbuck are often included in bundled hunting packages in the Eastern Cape and Limpopo. However, locating hunting opportunities for Mountain Reedbuck in Tanzania and Cameroon can prove to be challenging.

Hunting Season

In South Africa, Mountain Reedbuck may be hunted at any time of the year. The optimal months for pursuing this species in the Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, Free State, and Mpumalanga provinces are from May to August when they frequently bask in the early morning sun, seeking respite from the winter's chill. In Limpopo, Northwest, Northern Cape, and Western Cape provinces, the ideal time for hunting is from August to November, as these animals have a regular need for water and will descend from the mountains to access artificial waterholes located at the base of hills and mountains.

Hunting Methods

When hunting in hilly grassland areas, one must devote time to carefully scanning the rocky slopes of the mountains. Often, it is a slight movement that catches the eye, and upon closer examination, a group of well-camouflaged animals can be discovered nestled among the rocks. At this point, it becomes necessary to approach cautiously to take the shot, whether shooting uphill or downhill from an advantageous position, depending on the circumstances. For bow hunters, it is advisable to pursue these animals in the drier regions of the country where they are found. During the heat of the day, Mountain Reedbuck descend from the mountains to drink, presenting bow hunters with an opportunity to ambush them as they make their way to the water or alternatively, take them from a concealed location overlooking the waterhole.

Mountain Reedbuck hunting may involve some rock climbing, providing a challenging endeavor. Due to their elusive nature, they are often difficult to approach, necessitating long-distance shots that test one's marksmanship and shooting capabilities. These animals make for striking shoulder and pedestal mounts. With keen eyesight, they emit a piercing whistle as an alarm call before bounding away, underscoring the importance of seizing the opportunity to obtain a magnificent specimen when it presents itself.

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