Dureji Pakistan

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Dureji Pakistan

Dureji is located in the southwestern part of Balochistan, close to the Pakistan-Iran border. A three and a half hour drive from Karachi, the town sits at 2,000 feet above sea level and is situated in between two majestic mountain ranges and is surrounded by a dry desert. The weather in Dureji is hot and dry majority of the time, with temperatures between 30 °C and 40 °C during the summer and dropping close to 10 °C in the winter. 

Even though the town is situated in the middle of a desert mountain valley, Dureji surprises visitors with its modern features. An enchanting ambiance was created by the paved roads, fountains, surrounding greenery, and the statues that were put on the streets. The best features include paved streets, exquisitely crafted residences, cleanliness, and contemporary parks. These modern features create an oasis in the center of the desert valley.  

There is also constant access to electricity and other necessities, most importantly water. Dureji surprises visitors with such features most notably no shortage of water whilst being a small town in the middle of a desert. Visitors are assured a more than comfortable stay getting the best of both worlds, an outdoor adventure with luxury. 

The people of Dureji are famous for their rich culture and traditions. Balochi is the dominant language in Dureji and the majority of the local population is Muslim.

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