Civet Cat Hunts

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Civet Cat Hunts are usually a nighttime affair.

Civet Cat Hunts

The Civet Cat, despite its cat-like appearance and name, does not belong to the cat family. It is a member of the Viverridae family, which includes small omnivorous creatures that are adept climbers, even though their claws are not fully retractable. Various species of Civet Cats can be found in Asia, Madagascar, and even the Iberian Peninsula, but it is the African populations that offer hunting opportunities.

Where to Hunt Civet Cats

Legal hunting of Civet Cats can be pursued in countries such as Cameroon, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. There is no specific optimal period for hunting Civet Cats; they are typically hunted opportunistically during general "plains game" hunts or when they visit bait laid out for other animals. Although many African countries have year-round open hunting seasons, the period from November to March is often too wet and hot for comfortable plains game hunting.

Hunting Methods

If a hunter is determined to obtain trophies from all legal Civet Cat species, they will find this animal to be a worthy quarry despite its small size. Outfitters usually do not specify the exact species of Civet Cats present in their territories, so if you have a specific target in mind, it is best to inquire in advance. Civet Cats are scavengers, so hunting over bait is a viable option. In areas where it is permitted, hunting at night using night sights or artificial light is perhaps the most effective method for capturing Civet Cats. Some South African outfitters possess special licenses and specialize in such hunts, which may include other nocturnal creatures like Servals and Caracals.

Africans hunt Civet Cats for their fur and meat. Unfortunately, illegal harvesting and habitat loss pose significant conservation threats to these animals. Hunting concessions help combat these threats by reducing poaching and protecting wilderness areas from deforestation and conversion into farmland. Moreover, they play a crucial role in assigning value to wildlife for local communities. However, this approach only works if the species has value, which can be achieved through regulated hunting. If you undertake the pursuit of a Civet Cat, you will discover that this small creature will challenge your hunting skills like few other trophies you have encountered before.

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