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If you want a free range bull, bison hunting Alberta is one of the few places to do it in a truly fair chase manner. Wild bison have always existed here, and they were never wiped out completely by the market hunters of the 1800s.

Alberta is one of the few places that offers free range bison hunting.

When you’re bison hunting Alberta, you’ll be hunting wild, native bulls that are still in their traditional habitat. Due to the low hunting pressure, the bison in Alberta get big! Many of these old bulls will weigh over 2,500 pounds and score high in the record books. Our outfitters only guide in regions that produce trophy bison year after year. Contact us to talk hunting.

Reasons you should consider bison hunting Alberta:

  • Over-the-counter tags!
  • Hunt wild bison as they were 200 years ago with very little human influence.
  • Alberta has high trophy quality. In fact many of the bulls are positively ancient.
  • Very little hunting pressure.
  • High success rates.
  • Fortunately these bison are not pure wood bison. This allows us to export your cape and horns to the United States.
  • For the hunter who has always dreamed of harvesting a free range bison, our hunts in Alberta are the perfect opportunity.

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