If you have been looking for an affordable way to hunt huge Alaska moose, look no further. Success rates and trophy quality are both excellent on this DIY moose hunt in Alaska. The only problem is availability. These hunts book fast! Contact us for pricing and available dates if you’re seriously considering this hunt.

  • The most attractive thing about an unguided hunt is that it’s cheaper than a fully guided moose hunt.
  • Most of our Alaska moose tags are are over-the-counter.
  • Hunting season is the month of September.
  • Unguided OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL clients regularly take 55 to 65 inch bulls!
  • Our hunters have enjoyed a 75% success rate, and their opportunity rate is 90 to 100%. Success is slightly higher on the fully guided hunts.
  • These areas are very conducive to calling and we recommend that you learn to call before you go on your hunt.
  • Black bearwolf and wolverines are always a possibility, so be sure to get your tags.
  • Packing out a moose is very physically demanding and is not for the weak or physically disabled. Most of the areas are 30% – 50% black spruce with meadows and tundra ponds. Walking on the tundra is far more difficult than walking on flat firm ground. Be prepared!
  • Only US citizens are eligible for unguided moose hunts in Alaska.

Unguided Hunts Offered by Outdoors International

They can be physically demanding at times, so we recommend the hunters be in good condition when they arrive. However, if you’re the type of hunter this appeals to, the area houses some exceptional bulls.

Rent a camp from the outfitter or bring your own gear.

Since this is a fly-in DIY moose hunt, you can either provide all of the gear and food (most hunters ship it up ahead of time), or the outfitter will rent you the equipment you need and sell you the food you will take.

Are you up to the challenge of and Alaska unguided moose hunt?

Our areas are home to some exceptional bulls and our unguided moose hunters have enjoyed tremendous success on this hunt over the years. You can’t beat the price on these unguided Alaska moose hunts! Physical condition is the key…be in good shape.

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