Elk Mountain Tent Review

The first thing we noticed about our Elk Mountain Tent is how durable the canvas was and how easy it was to set up and take down. We set it up at our home in no time and kept it up most of the summer because our son decided it’d make a great bedroom! We were impressed on how much room there is. He had a bed, a table and a desk and chairs set up with plenty of room left. The windows were super nice for him to use as well.

We also set our tent up at spring bear hunting camp.

We set the tent up and left it up for spring bear season. During that time, there was a heavy, 5-day long rain storm. When we went back up to camp on the following weekend it was dry as a bone on the inside! No condensation or leaking! The extra 6 inches on the bottom of the canvas walls kept any water from leaking under.

Our conclusion after using the tent for an entire year.

Elk Mountain tents are top notch! We would highly recommend this tent to hunters and campers alike! Great company, great product!

Standard Features

The base model Elk Mountain Tent has everything you need: multiple windows, stove jacks, zippered screened doors, and interior pole straps are just the beginning.  See a breakdown of the features.

Great Price

Their price comparison chart shows how Elk Mountain’s outfitter tents stacks up against the rest.

Fast Delivery

Because there is no need for custom orders, most canvas tents for sale will arrive at your door within 4 business days.


Elk Mountain Tents are warranted against defects of materials and workmanship for one year. Read the warranty.

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