Washington State Whitetail Hunting

Larry D. Jones with a great late season Washington whitetail

Washington state whitetail hunting and is fast becoming known nationwide. If you haven’t heard about it yet, you will. Washington state whitetail hunting needs to be on your radar!

Whitetail Hunting in Washington

Whitetail deer hunting distribution in Washington
Whitetail deer hunting distribution in Washington
  • Surprisingly good trophy quality.
  • Lots of deer, and numbers are still on the increase.
  • License and deer tags are over the counter in Washington.
  • Long, generous hunting season starting in September and going into December.
  • Washington allows deer baiting.

Washington Deer Hunting Season

Deer season dates are complex and vary based on location. Still, archery season is September 1-19 or September 1-24. Most gun hunters will go afield October 16-26 or October 16-29. The late general season is November 6-19. The disabled general season is October 23-26. Youth season is October 16-26, October 23-26, or October 23-29. Please check the state DNR’s website to confirm season dates.

Whitetail deer are generally found in the eastern third of Washington.

The majority of hunting success is near or adjacent to agricultural fields or recent forest timber harvest areas where deer are present and much more visible than in adjacent habitats. The Northeastern Corner of Washington state has long been known as a deer hunting hot spot.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife works diligently with private landowners to open private lands to public access. Go here to find enrolled tracts. There are also dozens of wildlife areas open to hunt, and these offer solid opportunities for deer hunters.

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