How to hunt antelope with a bow

How to Hunt Antelope with a Bow

Bowhunting antelope can be a ton of fun, and we work with some great outfitters. Year after year, even our archery antelope hunters have near 100% opportunity rates! Bowhunting antelope is a mental game. You are typically hunting all day in triple-digit heat, so it’s important to pace yourself. If you’re just learning how to hunt antelope with a bow, there are three main ways to hunt speed goats: Hunt blinds over water; use decoys or spot-and-stalk.

Hunting Over Water Holes

Sitting water, under the right conditions can be a very effective way to hunt antelope, and we recommend it. Especially on your first archery hunt for antelope. When it’s dry and hot, they have to drink, so hunters that are patient, and can tough out the heat have a very good chance of getting a buck.

Spot and Stalk

Get ready to get your butt kicked if you want to try spot-and-stalk hunting for antelope with your bow. It’s not impossible by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s hard. If the terrain isn’t right, forget it. But if you have stalkable cover, it can be a ton of fun. Take your time, and listen to your guide is our best advice.

Using Decoys for Antelope

Decoying antelope does work…but it isn’t foolproof. I like to have a decoy on hunts to use as a last resort when nothing else is working, because they are not reliable at all. That said though, when a buck comes screaming in to a decoy, it’s an incredible experience!

Are you ready to chase Speed Goats with your bow?

Are you ready for a physically easy hunt with a great outfitter, comfortable accommodations and more antelope than you can fathom. If you’re prepared to sit in hot blinds for long days, you can strap your tag to an archery antelope. We have lots of choices to choose from in Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado, and even Montana, so let us know what you’re looking for.

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