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Kodiak Island Fishing Lodge

  • This high end halibut and salmon fishing lodge on Kodiak Island in Alaska is a special find in the offshore fishing world!
  • If you’re after Trophy King Salmon, go sometime between May and June. Thirty to ninety pound, chrome-bright King salmon feed in the waters surrounding Kodiak Island.
  • Go in July for a Mixed Bag and Good Weather. Not only is the weather best in July, but it’s one of the best months to catch a variety of fish. King salmon, halibut, lingcod, rockfish, gray cod and black bass are all common.
  • The Silver Salmon Run is in August. With an average weight of 15 pounds, the biggest silvers in Alaska are caught here. Once you have your limit, catch halibut, lingcod, rockfish and black bass.
  • Stream Fishing is mid-August through the end of September. The fresh water creeks will provide you with more spin fishing action or fly fishing excitement than you have ever imagined.
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Kodiak Sportsman's Lodge

Kodiak Island Fishing Lodge

After the day of fishing is over you will relax in the comfortable lodge and enjoy a cocktail and appetizers in front of the fire or hang out in the upstairs lounge trading fishing stories and looking at photos from the day.

The lodge has six double rooms with double beds and four single rooms with queen beds. A rollaway bed can be added to your room for an additional guest if needed. Each room has a private bath and daily maid service is provided. There is also an upstairs lounge with satellite television and wireless internet.

Enjoy a chef prepared dinner served with beer and wine before retiring to do it all over again the following day!

Corporate Retreats

Take your team on a once-in-a-lifetime Alaska adventure! The Kodiak Island fishing lodge can accommodate up to sixteen guests, including single rooms and private baths. There is a large area for focused meetings, and best of all is it’s remote location.

Halibut are at Kodiak Island year-round, but the best halibut fishing is after June 1st.

Halibut are at Kodiak Island all year, but the best fishing is after June 1st.One of the largest gamefish in the sea, halibut are prized table fare among many. The cold Alaskan waters offer some of the finest fishing for halibut and the shallow waters off of Kodiak is some of the finest fishing. You can expect to catch halibut ranging from 30 to 100 pounds with the biggest ones of the year tipping the scales at 300 pounds!

Fishing is done in water between 30-140 feet with light currents so less weight and lighter rods can be used. Bottom bait fishing, and jigging is the technique. While fishing for Halibut you can also catch rock fish (think fish tacos), ling cod, snapper, and bass. The ling cod in this area are some of the biggest you will ever see and you can specifically target these other species, just ask your guide!

The King salmon fishing season is from May 15 to July 15.

King Salmon are one of the most prized catches in Alaska due to their massive size. Though present year round the peak King Salmon season is from May 15 – July 15 as this is when most of the 30-60 pound beasts swim the local waters. The earlier part of the season is when most “Trophy” fish over 50 pounds are caught and guests have won the local king derby the past 3 years! The Kings are fished with downriggers and light tackle most of the fishing will be done by trolling.

Silver salmon are most present from August to September 15.

These 10-20 pound fish are aggressive fast swimmers. Fishing is done much the same way as fishing for the kings. You can load up your fish boxes during this season with arguably some of the best eating pacific salmon. After you catch your limit get ready for some halibut fishing!

You’ll bring home boxes of fresh Alaska Salmon and Halibut!

Over the next year you will enjoy some of the best tasting fish you have ever eaten. And it will have been caught by you! The town of Old Harbor has a commercial fish smoker if you wish to have some of your salmon smoked.

We’d love to help you experience Alaska fishing for yourself, and this trip is one of our best!

Get in touch with us if  you’d like to learn more.

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6 reviews for Kodiak Island Fishing Lodge

  1. Lacey Savage

    Not only did I catch Kings, my guide Gary got me into plenty of cod, black bass and yellow eye rockfish.

  2. Patrick Kissel

    I thought to myself how quick this trip went as we loaded up the charter plane with our luggage and fish boxes filled with fresh frozen fish. Just like that, another adventure is behind us and more memories made, man I love Alaska!

  3. Paul Dwyer

    Lodge was great, comfortable accommodations, great staff, fabulous food. Of the 3 days fishing first two were disappointing, third day was great.

  4. Dan Szafranski

    Our fishing guide knew where to take us to get the salmon, halibut and black bass and was super patient in teaching us proper fishing techniques.

  5. Caitlin Dwyer

    This was a lovely salmon fishing trip on Kodiak Island in Alaska, We caught fish each day Great food provided by the lodge.

  6. Paul Julander

    The fishing lodge on Kodiak Island, in Alaska had excellent accommodations with awesome food. The host and the fishing guides are friendly and knowledgeable. We had three days of fishing and had an amazing time.

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