Colorado mountain lion hunting

Colorado Mountain Lion Hunts

Colorado mountain lion hunting is good because they have good snow, and big toms. That’s a good mix! Most of Colorado consists of prime mountain lion hunting country, with a good population of mature toms.

Typically you’ll cover country in trucks, 4-wheelers and snowmobiles to find a fresh track. Once you find a track that looks good, you “turn out”. If you have never hunted with the use of hounds you will gain a new respect for what these dogs can do while hunting mountain lions. Sometimes the chase ends quickly, and sometimes you’re in for the hike of your life. You just never know.

  • There are great populations of mountain lions in Colorado.
  • Great trophy quality. Since there is so much remote country, toms live to a ripe old age.
  • Colorado has long cougar hunting season that run November through March.
  • Good winters with plenty of tracking snow.

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