Tash was worked by the time she landed that beautiful fish.

Mexico Offshore Fishing Report by Tashua Seaton

Angler: Tashua Seaton
Date: January 7, 2022
Trip Taken: Mexico Fishing Lodge
Consultant: Patrick Kissel | Outdoors International

It was my husbands turn to pick our winter vacation and since our last few haven’t involved much fishing, it was time. Being in a pandemic the thoughts of a vacation sort of felt like a dream. Patrick and Lacey reached out to us about this Mexico fishing trip about a year ago and we knew we wanted in. I was a tad reluctant because although I enjoy fishing I’m a one and done person. Four days in a boat seemed like maybe I was getting in over my head.

We arrived at the lodge late Friday evening. We met the rest of the crew and were happy to be in the warm air! Thankfully the staff had waited for our late arrival and served us a delicious meal. Then off to bed we went.

The day started bright and early each morning.

Hot coffee and a delicious breakfast. The staff packed up our coolers and beers and we headed to the docks. I was nervous because I’ve been in a boat on the ocean once and I was sick for every minute of the 6 hours. With some advice from Patrick and Lacey I brought the sea sickness patches and Bonine tablets with me. Game changer!!! Not one bit of sickness!

The weather was perfect especially compared to the couple feet of snow we left back home. Our guides Ronaldo and Joel were a blast. Lots of laughs were had. They took very good care of us. Very courteous too since we were all together on a very small boat for 10 hours. We got into several pods of dolphins which was so fun! Saw sea turtles. A whale. A sea Lion.

Lacey and Tashua

I caught my sailfish on day two.

It was girls day on the boat so Lacey and I were together. Joel and Ronaldo brought some tunes and we had some mini dance parties that helped pass the time. Lacey caught a mahi mahi a few hours in. I caught my sailfish not long after. I’ve never worked so hard for a fish in my entire life. I felt like when I was reeling that I was reeling in a square motion instead of a circle. I had to have Lacey help reel for a few minutes at the end. 12 minutes later I finally landed the beauty. The adrenaline rush was like nothing I’ve ever felt. My hands shook for an hour after. Lacey finished the day with her sailfish. Giggling was our good luck!

After fishing each day we headed back to the lodge where we were greeted with lemonade and fresh made guacamole and chips. We would soak in the pool and recap the day. Dinners at the lodge included fresh caught fish from the day and with some sides. Everything was delicious!

As I sit in Northern Idaho looking at snow, I’m very thankful for this trip. We made many new friends and enough memories to last a lifetime! The tan is a nice bonus. Can’t wait to go back!

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Greg Pope with a Strobel Lake rainbow trout.

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I will be going again soon!

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