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  • Fish for some of the largest lake trout in the world!
  • Remote, fly-in roadless area.
  • You’ll be fishing for lake trout and  Northern pike.
  • You can expect to catch pike over 40 inches, and lakers over 20 pounds!
  • Fly fishing  can be amazing!
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Lake Athabasca is the 9th largest lake in North America and boasts a reputation for holding some of the largest lake trout in the world.  The largest lake trout ever recorded was caught on this Saskatchewan lake, and it weighed in at a whopping 102 pounds!  The Canadian record for Northern Pike, weighing in at 42 pounds, was also caught on Lake Athabasca.

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Lake Athabasca, Saskatchewan

Lake Athabasca

Since it's so remote, there are few other anglers on this huge, 230 mile-long lake. It is fed on both ends by three large rivers – the Fond Du Lac, the Peace and the Athabasca River. This creates one of the largest inland deltas on the planet. The nutrients from these rivers support enough baitfish to grow trophy lake trout and northern pike.

The Fish

Most anglers target the lake trout, but the giant Northern pike make a great bonus.

When to Go

From ice-out in June, through the summer until early October, fishing on Lake Athabasca is always exciting.

The Lodges

The main lodge is in the heart of a sheltered bay at the east end of Johnston Island. Protected by hills, the bay provides easy access to the many pike bays in the area as well as the prime trout fishing grounds on Lake Athabasca: Johnston Island is in the heart of the action. This fishing lodge accommodates 12 guests at one time. Enjoy the comfort of our two person cabins that are equipped with lights, electric baseboard heaters and washrooms (shower, sink, toilet).

There is another lodge at Spring Bay. The extensive Northern habitat found in Spring, Maurice and Ness Bays add up to a pike lover’s dream, whether you're a fly fishermen or use conventional tackle. This is the only lodge in the area, so you’ll have it all to yourselves.

Getting There

Your week starts with a Cessna Caravan flight from Fort McMurray, Alberta in to Johnston Island on Lake Athabasca Saskatchewan. Once you arrive in camp you will be greeted by Cap’n Bruce and the crew.

You will be introduced by all the staff and get to meet your guide that is appointed to you for the week. Enjoy the privacy with your fishing partner in your own cabin with a full bathroom, heat, electricity and 24/7 wifi.


Lake Trout, Northern Pike



3 reviews for Lake Athabasca, Saskatchewan Lake Trout Fishing Lodge

  1. D. Isbister

    Another great trip here. Lake Athabasca is in our opinion the BEST Lake Trout fishery in the world! Oh, and did we mention we landed 3 pike of 20 lbs while we were there as well………

  2. Drew Stanton

    I have spent many days chasing trophy lake trout from the high mountain lakes of Oregon to the far reaches of the Northwest Territories. I know many people who have been to other famous lodges and compare stories on a regular basis, but this season on Lake Athabasca will be one that is etched into history.

  3. John Cleveland

    My fishing partner Patrick Walsh, Editor and Chief of Outdoor Canada Magazine and I had what can only be described as an epic week landing somewhere between 500 and 600 lake trout ranging between 8 and 30 lbs with our fly rods and setting 5 Line Class World Records in the process.

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