Idaho Mountain Lion Hunt Report by Davie Parten

Idaho South Fork of the Salmon River

Hunter: Davie Parten
Date: January 19-25, 2022
Trip Taken: Idaho Mountain Lion Hunt
Consultant: Kyle Hanson | Outdoors International

I flew into the mountains near McCall, ID where i was greeted by my outfitter. We made a short drive to a very nice wall tent camp. After getting set up and gear sorted, we went for a drive to locate some mountain lion tracks. Saw elk, mule deer, a couple of small lion tracks, as well as wolf tracks. Later we hiked a trail and saw more of the same.

Returned to camp for a very nice dinner in one of the cleanest and best organized cook tents i have seen on a hunt. All of the meals were outstanding. My only ‘complaint’ of the week was that i had to eat too much!

Good food

The next morning, we made a long hike above the river trying to find a good lion track.

The weather was in our favor with fresh snow falling. However, that didn’t last as the snow changed to light rain before dark. The rain then caused a crust to form on the surface of the snow making it next to impossible to see fresh tracks. That is pretty much how each day went. The crusty snow was a problem. But by weeks end we hiked to higher elevations searching for signs of lions.

On the fourth day the dogs jumped a small lion just across a ravine from where we were standing.

We watched it bound straight down a rock bluff in only three or four fifty- or sixty-foot strides! That turned out to be the highlight of the week as we didn’t find the big Tom that we had hoped for.

At the end of hunt the outfitter told me that he doesn’t send many hunters’ home without a lion, and was nice enough to say he would let me know when conditions improved and have me come back for another try.

This Idaho outfitter has great equipment and works very hard to put on a good hunt. I would recommend this hunt anytime!

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