Fishing Northwest Territories

The Northern Territories are famous for having great fishing for Northern pike, Arctic grayling, Arctic Char, and most of all, Lake trout. Canada’s Northwest Territories is a sparely populated, huge wilderness area scattered with countless lakes and rivers, all loaded with fish. With so much water and so few people, fishing Northwest Territories is fantastic and you’ll likely get the all the fishing you want, all to yourself.

Fishing Hotspots in the Northwest Territories

Aylmer Lake

For a few glorious weeks we offer exceptional fishing for trophy lake trout on Aylmer Lake in Canada’s Northwest Territories. Forget what you thought you knew about fishing for lake trout. Fishing here isn’t like fishing anywhere else! The lake trout are found in shallow water all summer long (15 to 25 feet) making them the hardest fighting most aggressive freshwater fish you’ve battled. Arctic grayling are also plentiful, so bring your fly rod!.

Aylmer Lake was the last undeveloped Canadian fishery above the treeline, located almost 300 air miles Northeast of Yellowknife and just South of the Arctic Circle. In 1907, Ernest Thompson Seton, who was a prominent wildlife artist, author, and co-founder of the Boy Scouts, launched an expedition to the Northwest Territories and into Aylmer Lake. In July 2015, the Academy sent out The Arctic Prairies Expedition II expedition to retrace his route around this remote lake.

Are your ready to catch giant lake trout  fishing a remote, virgin fishery in the Northwest Territories? When it comes to fishing, we have high standards, and do our best to set realistic expectations. Call us to discover how easy it is to book your dream trip with Outdoors International.

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