California’s 1,200 miles of Pacific coastline and hundreds of lakes and rivers provide plenty of diverse fishing opportunities.

Top 10 Best Places to go Fishing in California:

  1. San Joaquin Delta – bass, catfish, stripers and sturgeon
  2. McCloud River – trout
  3. Clear Lake – bass
  4. Lake Shasta – bass
  5. Santa Monica Pier – halibut, herring, surf perch, sculpin, calico bass, mackerel
  6. Lake Almanor – trout, smallmouth bass
  7. Lake Cuyamaca – trout, bass
  8. Castaic Lake – bass
  9. Russian River – steelhead, smallmouth bass
  10. Coronado Ferry Landing Pier – sand bass, spotted bay bass, mackerel, bonito, rays, sharks

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