It was a great week of fishing, and I plan on turning it into a yearly trip.

Belize Flats Fishing Report by Ben Stevens


Angler: Ben Stevens
Date: January 11th, 2020
Trip Taken: Saltwater Fly Fishing in Belize
Fishing Consultant: Patrick Kissel with OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL

We had a great time saltwater fishing down in Belize!

Stayed at the fishing lodge in Belize for a week and it was a great experience. There is so much opportunity around the area, either guided fishing trips or do it yourself opportunities. The lodge handled all of scheduling and were very willing to accommodate any request.

The lodge itself was very comfortable and clean, and also right on the waterfront.

The food was excellent and was almost all traditional Belize style meals. They also had kayaks, paddle boards and golf carts at the ready for all the transportation needs for your fishing adventure. Large numbers of bonefish around and also permit mixed in. Tarpon were around as well! It was a great week, and I plan on turning it into a yearly fishing trip.


How would you rate your trip overall?

Overall, my saltwater fishing trip was a great experience, even though I was a beginner.

How was your guide?


How was your lodging?


How was the food?


How was your outfitters communication?


How physically demanding was your trip?



How would you rate your Outdoors International Consultant?

Pat, my Outdoors International Consultant and host on this trip was great. He set the trip up and everything ran smooth. He was always available to chat about any questions and concerns. I am looking forward toward the next adventure with Pat.

Would you book another trip with OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL in the future?


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