Black Roe Buck Hunts in Germany

  • You can hunt the rare black roe buck and the typical roe buck on our private lease of over 100,000 acres from May-September with a 100% opportunity to take one or two mature bucks.
  • July is the best time for the coat just prior to the rut.
  • At the end of July, you can couple this hunt with a great European summer vacation with the family.
  • We also have fantastic roe buck hunting in France, Hungary and Spain.
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What do you hunt in the summer? Hunt Germany for the rare black roe buck, hunt for more than just a trophy; hunt for International adventure, history and culture. We offer the best rare black roe buck hunting in the world. Imagine you are in a beautiful northern Germany province just waiting for you to come with and enjoy the central European culture, castles, churches and of course the world-famous beer.

The Black Roe Deer

From a trophy-oriented point of view black roe deer for shoulder mount is most lovely from 1st of June and for full mount from the 1st of July and in both cases until the 15th of September. The winter coat, which develops from around the middle of September, black deer are greyish and often have stripes. Safari Club International (SCI) approved the black roe deer as a subspecies of European roe deer – Capreolus capreolus in 2015. It means trophies of black roe deer measured after the rules of SCI will become registered at their own chapter in future record books.




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