Black Bear Hunting Arizona

Most bear hunters ignore Arizona, leaving A LOT of record book bear hunting opportunities underutilized. Many hunters know all about the great mule deer and elk hunting found in Arizona but very few hunters realize that black bear hunting Arizona is VERY good as well. With a great population of record book size black bears, it is a good place to hunt. When black bear hunting Arizona, keep in mind that the bears tend to run slightly smaller in body size than their northern counterparts but what they may lack in body they make up for with skull size.

Spot-and-stalk is typically the game on an Arizona bear hunt.

It is illegal to bait for bears in Arizona (other than on the Reservations), so the most effective bear hunting strategy is finding a food source and glass for a monster bear. Once you find a shooter, plan a stalk or try some predator calling…. which can get exciting. Hound hunting is legal, and can be a fun option. T

he terrain that you will be doing your hunting in will surprise you. Many Arizona black bears can be found in low desert country! They LOVE to feed on prickly pear cactus, they call it “Bears in the Pears.” There are plenty of trophy sized bruins… and an amazing amount of them are color phased.

If you’re looking for a big colored bear, give Arizona a try.

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  1. Jennifer Estes Christian says:

    sure hope you all don't make these bears suffer 🙁

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