The sky’s the limit with Arizona Strip mule deer hunting. Our outfitter believes that the two Arizona Strip units are the best premier mule deer tags in Arizona. The biggest buck one of our hunters have gotten so far on “The Strip” was a 229 inch monster! The hunt takes place in early November during the rut. It is a ten day season and you can expect to see a 190″+ buck with the potential for a true monster.

The density of deer is very low, but the quality is insane. Some days a deer may not even be spotted, but if a hunter is willing to spend all ten days glassing hard, a good buck WILL be found. If this hunt intrigues you, start putting in. It sometimes takes up to 15 years to draw one of these tags.

The Arizona Strip – Units 13A, and 13B

  • November late hunt during the rut.
  • Opportunity Rate is 100%.
  • Trophy quality on the Arizona Strip hunts is VERY good. On a normal year, hunters can expect an incredible 190″ deer.

If you draw an Arizona Strip mule deer hunting tag contact us quickly to book! The deer density on the strip is very low and hunting is difficult. A guide is highly recommended if you want to take the most advantage of this special tag.

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