Unplug, recharge, bring your family together with one of our summer pack trips in the Idaho backcountry. Enjoy your trip back to sanity, while your hosts provide some awesome food, luxury wall tent lodging, all the while plenty of laughs and storytelling around the campfire while making smores and trying to get the sticky marshmallows off your fingers..

Heck, it isn’t a question of “IF” your family or you need this. We all need this & we all know, we do.. You have a choice this summer. Where will you go on that family vacation?

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We would like to invite outdoor adventurous and enthusiastic people with a love for the outdoors on a summer pack trip in Idaho. Imagine! Get out of your truck & leave the crazy world behind for a week. Jump on a horse, feel the tension melt away as you ride peacefully through the backcountry on your way to a wilderness hideaway. Feel the breeze, smell the wildness, let it surround and fill you full of life. See beautiful country and wildlife, let the serenity of the wilderness sink in.




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