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Upper Kenai River Fishing Report by Brady Eudy

We caught limits of salmon each day of the trip. I have worked with countless [...]

Kodiak Alaska Fishing Report by Caitlin Dwyer

This was a lovely salmon fishing trip on Kodiak Island in Alaska, We caught fish [...]

Kodiak Island Fishing Trip Report by Paul Julander

The fishing lodge on Kodiak Island, in Alaska had excellent accommodations with awesome food. The [...]

Kodiak Island Fishing Report by Dan Szafranski

Our fishing guide knew where to take us to get the salmon, halibut and black [...]

Fishing in Idaho

Incredible trout waters flow through Idaho, and we work with the guides, outfitters, and fishing [...]

Kamchatka Fishing Guides and Outfitters

Almost every angler has heard epic Kamchatka fly fishing tales about giant Rainbow trout, salmon, [...]

Alaska Fishing Report by Paul Dwyer

Lodge was great, comfortable accommodations, great staff, fabulous food. Of the 3 days fishing first [...]

Kodiak Island King Salmon Fishing Report by Lacey Savage

Not only did I catch Kings, my guide Gary got me into plenty of cod, [...]

Bringing Home Fresh Fish from Alaska

I thought to myself how quick this trip went as we loaded up the charter [...]

Fishing in Oregon

With an abundance of steelhead, salmon and trout fishing, Oregon fishing guides offer some of [...]