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Fishing in Alaska – Top 10 Best Trips

From the largest and last wild salmon runs in the world to its unparalleled fishing [...]

Alaska Steelhead Fishing Lodge Report by Gregg Prossen

If it wasn't for Patrick knowing my fishing preferences, I wouldn't have found this trip [...]

Alaska Adventure Report by Stan Masneri

Normally we like to fish rivers that offer a good bit of Class III and [...]

Alaska Fishing Report by Ernest Sorensen

Hands down the most accommodating fishing lodge we've ever been to. I love hunting and [...]

Alaska Fishing Lodge Report by Andrew Sorensen

We fished the Kvichak River, New Halen, and Moraine Creek in the Bristol Bay Region. [...]

Alaska Wilderness Trip Report by Oliver Fischer

It felt like I had Alaska all to myself – we didn’t see anyone and [...]

Braided Line for Backing – How to save some money on your fly fishing setup.

Sure you can spend a bunch of money and get an ultra small diameter backing [...]

Fishing Chile-Patagonia

Fly fishing Chile-Patagonia is simply amazing. A fishing trip to this angling mecca offers something [...]

Guided Fishing in Alaska – How to get the best experience.

In my opinion the best way to experience all that Alaska has to offer is [...]

Alaska Fly Fishing Report by Ron Klopfenstein

This was a great salmon fishing trip in Alaska. The peace and quiet was fantastic. [...]