Roe deer (Capreolus capreolus), also known as “roe buck” is a common, diminutive deer from the moderate areas of Eurasia. Roe deer hunting season starts early in the summer. Bucks strip their velvet in late May or early June. The best hunting though, is during the rut, between mid-July and mid-September, depending on where you’re hunting. European roe deer rut earlier than Siberian bucks. They start shedding their antlers by October, but you can sometimes pick up an inexpensive cull hunts until late winter.

Usually, you’ll be either still hunting with your gamekeeper, or sitting in a blind. They can also be called in during the rut which makes them perfect for bowhunting. Calling in a rut-crazed roe buck can be super exciting! Driven hunts are also common in some areas during the late season management hunts, sometimes with dogs, and sometimes without.

Roe deer are a ton of fun to hunt, and in some areas they are as common as rabbits.