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Fishing in Oregon

With an abundance of steelhead, salmon and trout fishing, Oregon fishing guides offer some of [...]

White River Fly Fishing Report by James Murphy

In three days we caught more than 150 fish with the last two being nice [...]

Arkansas Fly Fishing Trip Report by Brody Johnson

Patrick has been very professional and did a great job following up and matching a [...]

White River Trout Fishing Report by Wayne Swann

This is a great fishing trip! Good fishing with hard fighting browns, rainbows, and cutthroats [...]

Rio Blanco Base Camp Report by Patrick Kissel

The fishery is recently discovered and this is only the third year in operation. This [...]

San Martin, Argentina Fly Fishing Exploratory Trip

I was treated like a king this entire trip and I am excited to come [...]

Central Patagonia Fly Fishing Report by Patrick Kissel

The Rio Blanco and the valley looked and felt more beautiful than I remembered. Fishing [...]

Lacey Savage Gets Engaged

I’ve never felt so spoiled! Ok, so this place is so special to me because [...]

Outdoors International Podcast: Perfect Family Vacation Floating the Middle Fork of the Salmon River

Simply put; floating the Middle Fork of the Salmon River is the best outdoor family [...]

Steelhead a Love/Hate Relationship 

Just writing this story makes me want to load up and get back out there…damn [...]