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The Trout Royal Slam

IGFA has offered a special award to those anglers that have caught seven different species [...]

Alaska Adventure Report by Stan Masneri

Normally we like to fish rivers that offer a good bit of Class III and [...]

Alaska Fishing Report by Ernest Sorensen

Hands down the most accommodating fishing lodge we've ever been to. I love hunting and [...]

Alaska Fishing Lodge Report by Andrew Sorensen

We fished the Kvichak River, New Halen, and Moraine Creek in the Bristol Bay Region. [...]

Colorado Fly Fishing Guides

We are excited to offer top-end Colorado fly fishing guides on some of Colorado’s premier [...]

Outdoors International Podcast: Fly Fishing for Giant Trout on Strobel Lake

The southern end of the famous Patagonian region in Argentina is a remote but luxurious [...]

Strobel Lake Fly Fishing Report by Kirby Kramer

All in all, fishing Jurassic Lake from Estancia Laguna Verde was one of the most [...]

Lake Strobel Fishing Report by Zachary Kramer

The trip was great. The lodge, the guide, the food, the staff - all wonderful. [...]

Lake Stobel Fishing Trip Report by Bob Thomas

I would highly recommend the trip. While the trip was physically challenging for me, you [...]

Strobel Lake Fishing Report By Paul Thacker

We caught so many 10-12lbs in fact that we stopped taking pictures after a day [...]