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Hunting Turkeys in Texas

When you’re hunting turkeys in Texas, it’s not uncommon to see ten or more gobblers [...]

How to Call Turkey – Learn the basics of turkey calling.

Knowing the basics of wild turkey vocalizations is crucial to successfully learning how to call [...]

How to Turkey Hunt: The Basics Of Turkey Hunting

Hunting turkeys had become mostly a springtime activity across much of the U.S. in the [...]

Hunting in Hawaii

Have your Tropical Island Vacation and Hunt all the Exotic Species the Islands have to [...]

Osceola Turkey Hunt Report by Will Dendy

Overall, my turkey hunt was amazing, I couldn’t have asked for more. Great group to [...]

Florida Osceola Turkey Hunt Report by Bob Guthrie

We were able to set up on these two Osceola and made good shots on [...]

Osceola Turkey Hunt Report by Derek Erven

My cousin and I only lacked the Osceola turkey to have our Royal Slam. This [...]

Turkey Hunting Gear List

Having the right gear on your turkey hunt is critical to your success. Especially good camo [...]

Turkey Gun Patterning

Ever wonder how do I put all the products together to get an awesome turkey [...]

Wild Turkey Grand Slam

A Wild Turkey Grand Slam includes an Eastern; Merriam's; Rio Grande; and Osceola wild turkey. [...]