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Outdoors International Podcast: Russ Meyer on New Zealand with a Bow

In this podcast you will hear Russ Meyer, co-owner of Outdoors International, talk about his [...]

OI PODCAST: Hunting in Europe

Mat Cervantes, European Hunting Specialist speaks about the in's and out's of hunting in Europe. [...]

Argentina Red Stag Hunt Report by Jeff Norstebon

HUNTER: Jeff Norstebon HUNT: La Pampa, Argentina Red Stag Hunt CONSULTANT Mat with Outdoors International [...]

Outdoors International Podcast: Argentina Red Stag Hunt Report with Mat Cervantes

Everyone we were with had a great time, the Outdoors International clients and the others [...]

Argentina Stag Hunt Report by David Richardson

HUNTER: David Richardson HUNT: Argentina Red Stag Hunt CONSULTANT: Mat from Outdoors International April, 2018 [...]

Argentina Red Stag Hunt Report by John Fowler

My goal was to find a booking agent who could handle all these hunts for [...]

Texas Exotics Hunting: A Thrilling Experience in the Lone Star State

You can find hunts for animals from addax to zebra, but the most popular Texas [...]

Stag Hunt Report by Bob Nation

Cold and soaking wet, crawling through heather. The water was slouching in my boots and [...]

Scotland Highlands Red Stag Hunt Report by David Pekala

The estate was beautiful and held a significant amount of game. The stalkers were very [...]

Scottish Stag Hunt Report by Robert Dura

....my stalker whispered "neck", I fired and the stag immediately dropped. Successful stalk. A beautiful [...]