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Frank Church Wilderness Combo Hunt Report by Kyle Hanson

Hunter: Kyle Hanson Date: November 13-19, 2021 Trip Taken: Frank Church Wilderness Mule Deer, Elk [...]

Idaho Elk and Mule Deer Hunt Report by James Grossi

Hunter: James Grossi Date: October 22 to October 27, 2021 Trip Taken: Idaho Elk and [...]

Wyoming Elk Hunt Report by Nile Ersland

Hunter: Nile Ersland Date: Oct 14-20, 2021 Trip Taken: Wyoming Elk Hunt Consultant: Patrick Kissel [...]

Idaho Elk Hunt Report by John LeBanc

Hunter: John LaBanc Date: 27 October to 31 October 2021 (5 days) Hunt Taken: Idaho [...]

Greys River Elk Hunt Report by Eric Labelle

Hunter: ERIC LABELLE Date: October 15-19, 2021 Hunt Taken: Greys River, WY Horseback Rifle Elk [...]

Backcountry Elk Hunt Report by Erin Lilienthal

This trip was fantastic. The guides were high skilled, respectful, and accommodating. The horses were [...]

New Mexico Archery Elk Hunt Report by Dennis Glatt

The hunt was successful with lots of opportunities at representative bulls.

Utah Archery Elk Hunt Report by Clay Johnson

As far as the hunting, that land is packed with elk. We had action nearly [...]

WY Elk Hunt Report by Lance Spencer

I would recommend this outfitter and would definitely go again.

Elk Hunting New Zealand

There is only one true free-ranging wild herd of elk in New Zealand, descended from [...]