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The Best Retriever Breeds

A good retriever is priceless for duck and goose hunting. Here's a list of the [...]

Upland Bird Hunting in Texas: A Wingshooting Adventure in the Lone Star State

With the exception of dove hunting, Texas bird hunting is an often overlooked wingshooting destination. 

Mexico Bird Hunting and Fishing Report

I have hunted and fished in Mexico for many years now, and I can say [...]

Mexico Dove Hunt Report

I have visited this place last year and it was my first time in Mexico [...]

Mexico Dove Hunt Report by Larry Hoffman

I enjoyed the facilities and the various hunting opportunities twice last year.  I am coming [...]

How to Render Duck Fat

Other than fish fat, waterfowl fat is arguably the animal fat that is best for [...]

Duck a’ L’Orange Recipe

This twist on a classic recipe features teal breast fillets over orange slices and basil [...]

Bird Hunting in Mexico

The best bird hunting guides and outfitters for wild pheasants, quail, ducks, geese and Mexico [...]

Expert Advice for a Successful Alaska Duck Hunting Trip

If you're looking for a unique waterfowl hunting experience, then Alaska duck hunting is it!

Nebraska Waterfowl Hunting

Nebraska is blessed with a variety of wetland habitats that ducks and geese use both [...]