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Field Judging Muskox

To determine bulls from cows, look at the biggest bodied animals first, then look at [...]

HUNT REPORT: Greenland Muskox, Caribou Combo | Gary Colbath

Greenland is a country of true beauty with wonderful people and rich game populations. Besides [...]

Nunivak Island Muskox Hunting Video with AJ Kissel

AJ Kissel, with help from his brother, Patrick do a DIY, tradbow muskox hunt on [...]

Greenland Muskox Hunt Report by Caleb Miller

Good fair chase muskox hunt, but if you want to see lots of animals on [...]

Greenland Muskox Hunt Report by Matthew Kerzner

Overall, my trip was a great experience. He is a great outfitter and his guide [...]

Where Does the Muskox Live

We get asked all the time “where does the muskox live?.” Well, there’s a simple [...]